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Vaporizers Canada – Reviews, Deals & Promotions, Brands

vc-vaporizers-canada-reviews-deals-promotionsWelcome to Vaporizers Canada

Discover top-selling vaporizer brands in Canada with our authorized partners. Find the best deals & promotions online for portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, concentrate pens, bongs, and smoking accessories. Vaporizer Reviews Canada are also available for each vaporizer featured on Vaporizers Canada.

If you have any questions or need help deciding what vaporizer is best for you, please contact us, we would love to help or contact the retailer directly, you will find the customer service departments with all retailers to be very helpful, especially when you use their online chat/support service.

Vaporizers Canada by Online Retailers

Shop Vaporizers Canada by the best and most trusted online retailers. With deals and discount codes, updated regularly.

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Vaporizers Canada by the Best Brands

Check out the top-selling Vaporizers by brand, we got em all here with Vaporizer reviews Canada and the best deals online.

arizer-vaporizer-brand-canada-reviews-deals-promotionsARIZER Vaporizer Brand with reviews – Canada’s Resident Experts

Arizer is a Canadian manufacturing company with a reputation for quality and flavor. Arizer has taken the best of this new wave of vaporizer technology and created some truly magical pieces that are sure to last.

The best selection and deals for Arizer Vaporizers are at Namaste Vapes Canada.

With their specialties lying in aromatherapy-handled vapor and the amazing taste their heat system can produce, Arizer aims to be every dedicated vaper’s go-to products. If you are picking up one of these vaporizers for the first time, you’ll see just how unique they really are. No other vaporizer company on the market operates the way Arizer does and it’s made them one of the best names in the vaporizer game worldwide. See below for the kind of innovation Canada is capable of.

Arizer Solo II

arizer-solo-II-vaporizer-canada-brandsArizer’s new Solo 2 dry herb vaporizer is an amazing piece of kit. We might even go so far as to say that it looks like it could end up as the best vaporizer of 2018.

$325.95 $289.99
5 Stars / 29 Reviews

Includes a FREE gift and FREE shipping.

Arizer Air II

arizer-air-II-vaporizer-canada-brandsThe Air II from Arizer has arrived! As soon as we heard that the Canadian Brand Arizer were releasing a new version of the Air we just knew we had to have it for you.

$309.99 $274.99
5 Stars / 8 Reviews

Includes a FREE gift and FREE shipping.

Arizer Go 'ArGo' Vaporizer

arizer-go-argo-vaporizer-canada-brandThe latest portable vaporizer by Arizer, the ArGo, is Pocket-sized and breaking the mold of most traditional vaporizer designs. This beautiful, luxurious vape is for true connoisseurs who expect the best.

$314.99 / 4.5 Stars / 13 Reviews

Includes a FREE gift and FREE shipping.

Arizer Solo II

arizer-v-tower-vaporizer-canada-brandThe newly designed V Tower Vaporizer by Arizer is quite exceptional. It offers the user the unique ability to enjoy rich and flavorful vapor through a whip attachment.

$169.95 $144.99
5 Stars / 4 Reviews

Includes a FREE gift and FREE shipping.

grenco-science-vaporizer-brand-canadaGrenco Science Vaporizer Brand “Life of the Party” with reviews

While Grenco Science Vaporizers has gained popularity for its attendance at music concerts, shows, snowboarding and skateboarding competitions, it has earned itself a worldwide reputation for engineering some of the most technically advanced portable vaporizers in the world.

Combining superior functionality with the convenience of pocket-sized portability, Grenco Science vapes are always classy, discreet and produce excellent vapor from their state-of-the-art heating system technology.


G-Pen-Elite-Grenco-Science-vaporizer-canada-brandsThe newest vaporizer by Grenco Science, the incredible G Pen Elite portable conduction vaporizer boasts the largest all-ceramic heating chamber on the vaporizer market.

$269.95 / $174.99
4.5 Stars / 42 Reviews

Includes a FREE gift and FREE shipping.



Even though the G Pen Pro has been around for a few years, this pen from Grenco Science is still known for being one of the best vapes on the market.

$164.95 / $134.95
4 Stars / 5 Reviews

Includes a FREE gift and FREE shipping.


The G Pro Herbal Vaporizer portable vape is a technological sensation that offers convection vaporization with a slim, slender, black body, a perfect go-to vape for a busy lifestyle.

$129.95 / $114.95
4.5 Stars / 25 Reviews

Includes a FREE gift and FREE shipping.


G-Pen-Vaporizer-brand-Grenco-ScienceThe G Pen is a convenient, effective, and discreet vaporizer for solid concentrates. The G Pen’s easy loading and simple use makes it the most user-friendly portable vaporizers available.

$99.95 / $64.99
5 Stars / 3 Reviews

Get a FREE gift and FREE shipping on orders over $100.

zeus-arsenal-vaporizer-brandZEUS Arsenal Vaporizer Brand with Reviews

ZEUSArsenal is based in Toronto, Canada, they are the famous makers of ZEUS Vaporizers. They offer a unique collection of sexy, compact items to that work together to “Complete Your Arsenal.” With a reputation for offering great value, ZEUS items are a must to collect.


ZEUS-ARC-TVAPE-best-vaporizers-online-canadaThe ZEUS ARC is the hottest premium dry herb vaporizer that features a stainless steel vapor path with a unique heatsink that effectively cools vapor before it hits your mouth.

$259.99 / Pre-orders Available Now

Includes a FREE Zeus gift and FREE shipping.

ZEUS Smite - Compact & Stealth

ZEUS-SMITE-TVAPE-best-vaporizers-online-canadaThe legendary Smite offers a 3-hours battery life, hidden mouthpiece storage for your glass mouthpiece and 3 pre-set temperatures. All Black. All Sleek. All Value. All ZEUS.

$129.95 / 4.5 Stars / 200 Reviews

Includes a FREE Zeus gift and FREE shipping.


zeus-arc-gt-vaporizer-canada-brandsThe Zeus Arc GT is a compact, high-performance dry herb vaporizer that is engineered in Germany, offering unrivaled vapor production with a gold chamber and all gold vapor path.

$289.99 / Pre-orders Available Now

Includes a FREE Zeus gift and FREE shipping.

ZEUS Smite +

zeus-smite-plus-vaporizer-canada-brandsAn upgrade of the best-selling Zeus Smite Vaporizer, the Zeus Smite+ features an LCD display, precise temperature control, a glass mouthpiece.

$179.99 / 4.25 Stars / 97 Reviews

Includes a FREE Zeus gift and FREE shipping.


DaVinci – The World’s Smartest Vaporizers, with Reviews

DaVinci Vaporizers are among the most advanced portable vapes on the market right now, fitting all the needs of both seasoned veterans and first-time buyers. All of their pocket-size portable vaporizers come with super precise temperature control, amazing long-lasting battery life and outstanding professional craftsmanship which is reflected in each and every DaVinci vaporizer.

When you buy a DaVinci product, you are not simply buying a vape, you are also buying a true piece of art blended with state-of-the-art technology and innovation. Canadians love it, and you will too!

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

DaVinci-Ascent-Vaporizer-brand-canadaThe Ascent Vape, created by DaVinci, proudly shows their latest in vaporizer technology, with an automated digital temperature control system and a removable glass mouthpiece.

$349.95 / $239.95
4.5 Stars / 24 Reviews

Includes a FREE gift and FREE shipping.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

DaVinci-IQ-Vaporizer-brand-canadaFollowing the Ascent was always going to be a difficult task, however, the IQ has blown it straight out of the water, with an improved battery in 2018 and better performance.

$389.95 / $357.00
4.5 Stars / 45 Reviews

Includes a FREE gift and FREE shipping.


DaVinci-Miqro-Vaporizer-brand-canadaThe MIQRO is a new dry herb vaporizer by DaVinci, it’s 33% smaller than its predecessor, the IQ, with a beautiful design, fantastic function, and unreal vapor.

5 Stars / 4 Reviews

Includes a FREE gift and FREE shipping.

The DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer

DaVinci-Pocket-Vaporizer-brand-canadaThis sleek pocket dry herb vaporizer is perfect for vape fans on the move. It comes with a removable flexi-straw, auxiliary 2nd chamber, and a main heating chamber.


Includes FREE shipping.

The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers Canada Under $100 with Reviews

Shop Vaporizers Canada under One Hundred dollars with the best deals & discount codes on the net Canada.

The Black Mamba


$95.99 / $62.99
Discount Code: Vape10
4.5 Stars / 220 Reviews

The Black Widow


$119.95 / $112.95
Almost under $100 🙂
4.25 Stars / 64 Reviews

The Penguin


$95.95 / $62.96
Discount Code: Vape10
4.25 Stars / 25 Reviews



Performance. Stealth.
4 Stars / 9 Reviews

FlytLab Lift


$96.95 / $87.25
Use 10% Discount

The Best Concentrate Vaporizer Pens Canada Under $100 with Reviews

Shop for the best concentrate vaporizer pens Canada under one hundred dollars with the best deals & promotions on the net in Canada.

The Shatterizer

$74.95 / $69.95
Perfect & Strong
4.8 Stars / 22 Reviews



Quad quartz coil design
4.7 Stars / 8 Reviews

Grizzly Honey Dab


$59.95 / $51.95
For connoisseurs
4.7 Stars / 31 Reviews



Premium build
5 Stars / 2 Reviews

Dr. Dabber Light Pen


Superb vaping quality
4.5 Stars / 7 Reviews

Puffco Pro 2

Puffco-Pro 2-Vaporizer-dab-pen-canada

$124.95 / $94.95
Smooth with pure clouds
4 Stars / 4 Reviews

Cheap Bongs Canada and Smoking Accessories

Shop for the best cheap bongs Canada and smoking accessories with the lowest prices in Canada, backed by our price match guarantee.

What are Vaporizers? How do they work?

Vaporizers come in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes – some vapes are large plug-in desktop type devices that you’d need to operate from home and other vaporizers are small portable pocket-size devices that you can take anywhere with you. Vaporizers operate by heating your herbal blends at a lower temperature than what would need for combustion. The temperature which vaporization occurs between 200c and 391f and at these temperatures herbs are converted into a gas which you can then breath into your lungs. Continue reading about how vaporizers work at Namaste Vapes Website.