The Best Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) Canada

An updated list for 2021 to help you find the MOM best online dispensary that suits your needs the best.

Updated September 30 , 2021

Best online dispensary Canada list, mail order marijuana.

Finding the best mail order marijuana (MOM) Canada 2021 can be a challenging task. There are more than 300 online dispensaries in the market and new ones are opening almost every week. This article is intended to help you find the best Canadian MOMs that are safe and secure and the ones that suit your needs best.

Best mail order marijuana MOM Canada list

There are several things to look for when choosing the best mail order marijuana dispensary. Some online dispensaries in Canada specialize in AAAA flowers and premium products from the best cannabis brands, while others focus on budget marijuana and concentrates (shatter, hash, CBD, live resin…). While some of them cater to the wholesale weed market and bulk weed orders, offering weed deals with as much as 45% to 60% off the retail price. You will also find online dispensaries that focus on producing the best CBD Oil that’s made in Canada with CBD edibles, salves, and tinctures. Additionally, you have to decide on which online dispensaries you can trust and have buyer’s confidence in.

“Always do your research before you buy weed online”

  • See our top 10 checklist to help you choose the best online dispensary 2021. Located at the bottom of this article.

To help you make a quick decision, and before we get into the mail order marijuana dispensaries list in more detail with coupon codes and promotions. Here is a table showing the best online dispensaries by category:

  • Best wholesale dispensaries
  • Best CBD online dispensaries
  • Best overall value dispensaries
  • Dispensaries with the best weed quality
  • Best online dispensaries for cannabis concentrates.




Best Wholesale Dispensary

Best CBD Oil Online Dispensary

Best Overall Value Dispensaries

Dispensaries with the Best AAAA+ Weed 

Best Dispensaries for Cannabis Concentrates

Best Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries Canada 2021

Here is Budhub’s list of the best online dispensaries 2021 in more detail. Each dispensary has been verified for legitimacy and is a trusted MOM. See their customer reviews, get current coupon codes and promotions, and learn more about their brand and commitment to quality and service.

The Grow House Online Dispensary

Welcome to The Grow House Online Dispensary Canada Buy weed online from one of the West Coast's best online dispensaries. All of our products are grown and sourced from British Columbia's best grow houses and concentrate labs available. Our extensive menu offers wholesale bulk marijuana deals, daily flower sales up to 50% off, concentrates, edibles, [...]

West Coast Cannabis Online Dispensary

Welcome to West Coast Cannabis Online Dispensary We are a Canadian mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensary and are passionate about our great line of products and the level of customer service we provide. We offer wholesale dispensary prices on our cannabis and concentrates with mix and match options that are sure to please anyone. We [...]

Haute Health Online Dispensary

Welcome to Haute Health Online Dispensary Canada We are a group of compassionate cannabis enthusiasts with deep experience in everything cannabis. We are not only a wholesale dispensary with lots of great bulk weed deals, we also offer daily smoking weed deals up to 70% off a large selection of products. We also feature a [...]

BudLyft Online Dispensary

BudLyft is one of Canada’s best and established mail order marijuana online dispensaries in Canada. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality cannabis products at the most affordable prices. At BudLyft, every product is carefully curated with you in mind. Whether you are looking for cannabis for medicinal purposes, or premium quality [...]

MMJ Direct Craft Cannabis

Canada's best choice for BC craft cannabis, edibles, mushrooms, and concentrates. About MMJDirect Online Dispensary We are an established mail order marijuana dispensary who are committed to providing convenient access to the best quality BC cannabis products at a fair price. Founded in 2016, MMJDirect has built a reputation for excellence in both quality and [...]

Low Price Bud Direct

Welcome to Low Price Bud online dispensary. Get the best value for your money with wholesale pricing and deals on bulk marijuana and concentrates. Featuring a huge inventory with mix & match bundles to tempt everyone. About Low Price Bud. We are a team of passionate weed lovers with over 15 years of experience in [...]

Crystal Cloud 9 Online Dispensary

Crystal Cloud 9 online dispensary is Canada's best source for west coat cannabis with fair pricing and customer-focused tier 1 support. A Higher Calling Our mission is simple — we’re here to make buying incredible cannabis online as easy as possible for you. Crystal Cloud 9 is a customer-focused, British Columbia-based online cannabis dispensary serving [...]

Healing Empire Online Dispensary

Welcome to Best Canadian MOM 2021 We are so pleased that you found us. We are the best Canadian MOM 2021 for 2 simple reasons. First, we have the best quality and priced BC bud and related cannabis products. Second, our top-rated customer service and speedy same day express shipping. We can't wait to help [...]

Herb Approach Online Dispenary

Herb Approach is one of the original online dispensaries in Canada with an excellent overall reputation for trust and value. We are experts in the mail order marijuana business and provide you with the best quality cannabis from BC’s very own craft growers and Canada's best cannabis brands. Holistic care that`s safe and secure. When [...]

Speed Greens Online Dispensary

Welcome to Speed Greens Online Dispensary Canada Our mission is quite simple, to bring you quality products, at the best price with the greatest service and with the highest packaging/shipping standards in the industry. That is why we have been rated the best online dispensary Canada. Our company is comprised of passionate owners and employees who [...]

Green Society MMJ Online Dispensary

Welcome to Green Society, we are your # 1 online dispensary in Canada. We are a safe and discreet mail-order marijuana service based in Vancouver, Canada. Our website allows you to easily order weed online and we offer the fastest delivery and some of the best quality cannabis in the world, you’ll never second guess [...]

The Canna Society Online Dispensary

"The Canna Society online dispensary offers the most competitive weed prices on the market today." Welcome to The Canna Society. We are a group of cannabis professionals with extensive experience in the mail order marijuana industry. From sourcing the best BC bud, to providing the best service that you can trust, we always go that [...]

BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO) Dispensary

Welcome to BuyMyWeedOnline Dispensary Canada We have all the bases covered when it comes to Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) services and products. In our shop you will find everything you are looking for, buy the best weed online from "A" quality budget strains right up to our premium "AAAAA" cannabis collection. Also discover some of [...]

The High Club Online Dispensary for Wholesale BC Bud

The Best Online Dispensary BC Canada for Wholesale BC Bud Why is The High Club the best online dispensary in BC Canada for wholesale BC bud? The is not just another cookie-cutter online wholesale cannabis dispensary based out of Vancouver BC. We are dedicated to making it easier for Canadians who require medicinal cannabis therapy [...]

Get Kush Online Dispensary

Welcome to Get Kush, Canada's online dispensary for bulk weed. We have one simple goal: to create the best shopping experience while saving you money on great high-quality cannabis sourced from BC's finest craft growers. At GetKush you save some serious hard-earned money when you buy bulk weed online, see the discounts below: Mix & Match [...]

High Voltage Extracts – Live Resin, HTFSE, & Vape Cartridges

Welcome to High Voltage Extracts Canada Your hub to buy High Voltage Extracts online. About Us High Voltage Extracts is a Canadian cannabis brand based out of Vancouver Island, BC. The team at High Voltage are high on life and they love everything about living on Vancouver Island. They incorporate the Island’s pristine natural way [...]

WeedSmart Canada Online Dispensary

Welcome to Weedsmart Canada Online Dispensary. We are Canadian owned and operated, born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. WeedSmart has been in business for several years making us an established and trusted online dispensary for premium BC cannabis, high grade concentrates, and lab tested edibles. When you shop with us, you can rest assured [...]

Buy Weed Online – Shop for the Best Deals

The Chronic Beaver has the best weed deals from trusted Mail Order Marijuana MOMs. Shop for Cannabis, Shatter, HTFSE, Hash, CBD,  Vapes & Carts and everything else with bulk and wholesale pricing models. Also including current coupon codes, promos, and the latest bulk weed deals.    

CBD Magic Canada Online Dispensary

Premium Lab Tested CBD Products, with Fast Coast to Coast Shipping in Canada Luxury Products with Exceptional Customer Service CBD Magic carries a wide selection of luxury CBD products (from non-GMO mature industrial hemp stalks) in Canada. With a combined total of 40 years experience in Business Operations, Medicine, and IT, our team of experts [...]

CBD2Heal – Modern CBD for Optimal Health

Welcome to CBD2Heal Canada We carry a wide selection of premium CBD products (from non-GMO mature industrial hemp stalks). With a combined total of 40 years experience in manufacturing, processing and distributing hemp derived extracts, focusing on high-tech CBD (cannabidiol) and vital cannabinoids for optimal health. About CBD2Heal - Our Labs The CBD2HEAL Innovation Services [...]

MMJ Express Online Dispensary

MMJ Express Online Dispensary Canada At MMJ Express we have everything you are looking for when it comes to cannabis. With a huge selection of strains to fit any budget, as well as shatter, hash, edibles, HTFSE, live resin, CBD, vape pens, carts, and with THC & CBD oils. We love mix & match variety [...]

Buy Moon Rocks Online Canada

Welcome to Moonrock Canada Moon Rock Canada is delighted to offer their line of high quality, consistent products for medical marijuana patients across the country. Their deliciously flavored moon rocks and pre-rolls produce otherworldly euphoria. Moonrock Canada develops concentrate covered marijuana buds for folks feeling a little, or a lot out of orbit. Patients that […]

CannaWholesalers – Wholesale Dispensary Canada

CannaWholesalers is the best Wholesale Dispensary Canada to buy bulk weed online at the cheapest prices guaranteed. Cannawholesalers wholesale dispensary Canada is your best choice to buy bulk weed online not only because we offer cheap weed at the lowest prices guaranteed in Canada, but because we have BC’s finest cannabis flowers and potent marijuana concentrates like Shatter […]

Cannabismo Mail Order Marijuana

Welcome to Cannabismo Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary Canada Cannabismo is an established mail order marijuana dispensary in Canada with a reputation for having some of the best cannabis, edibles, shatter, and more coming out of British Columbia. We strive to bring our customers the best possible shopping experience, when you buy weed online with Cannabismo, [...]

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How to Choose the Best Online Dispensary

Here is Budhub’s Top 10 Checklist to help choose the best Canadian MOM in 2021

If you can check off each item in the list, then you’re good to go! Each verified online dispensary below in our Canadian MOMs list has something different to offer, so make sure the MOM is suited best to your needs.

1) Is the online dispensary right for you? What do they focus on? Do you order weed online in bulk? Do you prefer cheap weed deals for budget marijuana? Or, are you a Quad-A hunter?

2) How is the MOMs reputation online? Check out their reviews, we have some verified dispensaries reviewed for security and safety, the Chronic Beaver is another great site for MOM reviews, and reddit as well.

3) Is the MOM’s website up to speed? Does it lag and drive you nuts? Does it have SSL security? (you know that little lock in the browser bar)

4) Is their website professionally designed, does it feel like a brand you can trust? Some mail order marijuana dispensaries consist of 1 or 2 people who operate it. They do everything themselves from IT, design, content creation, fulfillment and customer service. If this is the case, you should be able to tell quickly by its sloppy layout, and lazy writing… If one of these items raises an eyebrow, then you should consider a different MOM if you are unfamiliar with them.

5) Does the online dispensary have a good support desk? Do they have a live chat budtender available to answer questions on the fly? If their customer service isn’t to your satisfaction, you will always be frustrated with the MOM.

6) Is the Mail Order Marijuana dispensary transparent with where their weed is sourced from? Do they have a page describing this? Does their cannabis come from trusted brands you know or heard of?

7) Terms of Service and Privacy Policy? Do they have these pages? Are they complete and legit? Privacy is important to everyone, and it should be to the MOM owners as well.

8) Are there any rewards & perks? Most MOMs offer incentives, point programs, and coupon codes, its quite competitive in fact. Look around our Canadian MOM list and you will find lots of great weed deals and discounts.

9) Check their Blog. Reputable MOMs have helpful blogs that are full of useful info about cannabis and articles that show who they are what they stand for. Some don’t have blogs which is fine, that could mean that the MOM is focusing on their store and service and are not ready to commit the time and effort that a blog demands.

10) Payment Processing & Automation Most of the mail order marijuana dispensaries take e-transfers as a method of payment (very secure), is the system automated with auto tracking numbers? How do thy manage their payment processing? This is a good question to ask using the MOM’s live chat desk if the have one.