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The Best Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) Dispensary List

best-mail-order-marijuana-mom-dispensary-listFinding the best mail order marijuana MOM dispensaries in Canada can be a challenging task. There are more than 200 MOM’s in Canada and new ones are opening almost every week. This article is intended to help you find the best mail order marijuana dispensary or MOM Canada that suits your needs best that’s safe and secure.

There are several things to look for when choosing the best mail order marijuana dispensary. Some MOMs Canada specialize in AAAA flowers and premium products, while others focus on budget marijuana and concentrates. Some mail order marijuana dispensaries cater to the wholesale market and on bulk weed orders, offering as much as 45% off. Additionally you have to decide on which dispensaries you can trust and have confidence in.

“Always do a little research before you buy weed online”

How to Choose the Best Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary?

Here is Budhub’s Top 10 Check List:

If you can check off each item in the list, then you’re good to go! Each verified dispensary below in our Canadian MOMs list has something different to offer, so make sure the MOM is suited best to your needs.

1) Is the MOM dispensary right for you? What do they focus on? Do you order weed online in bulk? Do you prefer cheap weed deals for budget marijuana? Or, are you a Quad-A hunter?

2) How is the MOMs reputation online? Check out their reviews, we have some verified dispensaries reviewed for security and safety, the Chronic Beaver is another great site for MOM reviews, and reddit as well.

3) Is the MOM’s website up to speed? Does it lag and drive you nuts? Does it have SSL security? (you know that little lock in the browser bar)

4) Is their website professionally designed, does it feel like a brand you can trust? Some mail order marijuana dispensaries consist of 1 or 2 people who operate it. They do everything themselves from IT, design, content creation, fulfillment and customer service. If this is the case, you should be able to tell quickly by its sloppy layout, and lazy writing… If one of these items raises an eyebrow, then you should consider a different MOM if you are unfamiliar with them.

5) Does the online dispensary have a good support desk? Do they have a live chat budtender available to answer questions on the fly? If their customer service isn’t to your satisfaction, you will always be frustrated with the MOM.

6) Is the Mail Order Marijuana dispensary transparent with where their weed is sourced from? Do they have a page describing this? Does their cannabis come from trusted brands you know or heard of?

7) Terms of Service and Privacy Policy? Do they have these pages? Are they complete and legit? Privacy is important to everyone, and it should be to the MOM owners as well.

8) Are there any rewards & perks? Most MOMs offer incentives, point programs, and coupon codes, its quite competitive in fact. Look around our Canadian MOM list and you will find lots of great weed deals and discounts.

9) Check their Blog. Reputable MOMs have helpful blogs that are full of useful info about cannabis and articles that show who they are what they stand for. Some don’t have blogs which is fine, that could mean that the MOM is focusing on their store and service and are not ready to commit the time and effort that a blog demands.

10) Payment Processing & Automation Most of the mail order marijuana dispensaries take e-transfers as a method of payment, is the system automated with auto tracking numbers? How do thy manage their payment processing? This is a good question to ask on the MOM’s live chat desk if the have one.

MOMs Canada List

Here is Budhub’s list of the best mail order marijuana dispensaries that have been verified for legitimacy and are trusted.

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