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WestCoastSupply's New Premium Black Label Strains We are proud to announce our new line of AAAAA marijuana strains, these flowers are guaranteed to be of the highest quality flowers you'll find online, it's our top of the line, cream of the crop, premium marijuana flowers. Check it out before it sells out!

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West Coast Supply is an established source of weed online Canada. We are a reputable organization with a steady base of customers growing rapidly, join the family today!

Buy cannabis online with the experts.

We realize its not easy searching online for the safest, quickest and most reliable source to buy cannabis online. And that’s exactly why we are here. As experts in the industry, we have been handling our product for over a quarter of a century. We stay up-to-date on the most discrete and safe ways to deliver your product without delay. Our incredible customer service is the reason we have been known for a loyal customer base and following.

Only the best cannabis products from BC.

We do not buy from wholesalers or secondary suppliers. Our product range is diverse and we offer almost all strains and extracts on the planet. Don’t settle for cheap imitations or low quality suppliers. West Coast Supply is your weed solution. Our team is proud to offer same-day shipping and free gram on all first orders.

We welcome all Canadian orders for 19+ patrons.

Site Wide Coupons
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Site Wide Coupons

We have different monthly coupons available on site, coupons range from 8-25% depending on the occasion. To check our current coupon, just visit our website and the coupon will be displayed on top along with all our in-store promos.

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Sativa Strains Sativa strains are excellent for daytime users because most find that the Sativa high is more energizing and uplifting. These strains are not known for knocking you out or keeping you on the couch; these are more famous for their intense cerebral high.
Indica Strains Modern Indica plants remain short, usually growing under six feet. The plants have deep green leaves that are shorter and fatter. Although Indicas came from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, they are now grown all over the world. High-quality Indica strains produce relaxed feelings and happiness. Very strong varieties may numb you and induce sleep.
Hybrid Strains The effects of the many different strains of cannabis are as varied as the needs of the people who use them. For many users, recreational and medical alike, hybrid strains offer the best of both worlds. Hybrids can be Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or true 50/50 or balanced hybrids, and the benefits and effects they produce will typically match their dominant strain, although they’ll also be tempered by the presence of the other strain.
Pre-Rolls Joints remains the icon of marijuana, more so than edibles, oils, dabs, bongs and pipes. Joints are discreet, disposable and cheap compared to other methods of smoking such as bongs or vaporizers. Unfortunately rolling a joint can require your precious time. Pre Rolls are a common product for those looking to buy weed online. Our catalogue provides a wide selection pre rolls containing some of the top strains, along with various joint sizes. Save yourself time and mess and get your pre rolls today right here at WestCoastSupply
Black Label
Black Label The highest quality flower available, the cream of the crop and our in store premium flower selection. Grade AAAAA guaranteed!
Distillate Raw THC Distillate in it’s purest form, with THC contents up to 94%. Buy bulk THC distillate at Westcoastsupply for the best prices online. We also stock THC Distillate syringes and THC Distillate vape tanks
Medusa Botanicals Rosin Medusa Botanicals new hand crafted, fresh pressed rosin are sure to satisfy the most experienced cannabis users. This concentrate is unlike any other in terms of potency and taste. Bringing what many feel to be one of the best smoking experiences out there.
Shatter West Coast Supply offers the highest potency shatter online with the best prices around. We extract cannabinoids including CBD and THC to produce this potent weed concentrate. Click through each product’s page to get details on its particular effects.
Mercedes Black Hash Mercedes Black Hash, also known as Mercedes Lebanese Hash, is a gorgeous hash that has a dark brown surface and a lighter brown interior. It is lightly aromatic, with spice notes and an earthy flavour profile. It has quite a soft, malleable consistency that makes it easy to work with, especially after heat has been applied. When inhaled, this sticky rubbed hash fills your lungs with an earthy, resinous smoke and once exhaled leaves a soft and pleasant aftertaste. A perfect addition to a joint or on it’s own in a bowl. The high is light and talkative.
Vapes WestCoastSupply stocks different dosages of thc or cbd vape tanks, find your brand online with us.
CBD CBD (also known as Cannabidiol) is a naturally occuring cannabinoid that is present in cannabis. CBD is a miracle compound that is extracted from cannabis that provides a variety of different side effects incomparable to THC (THC has intoxicating effects and disordered thinking). Positive side effects of CBD included are : relieving pain, decreased anxiety and depression, can alleviate cancer-related symptoms, and also induce relaxation within the muscles. West Coast Supply has CBD pills, CBD gummies, CBD vapes, CBD isolates, CBD syringes & even CBD dog treats

6 Reviews for West Coast Supply


1 Reviews

Top-notch products, customer service, and shipping

4/ 5

Since the legalization of Marijuana, things have surely become easier, especially when you are looking for a reliable service provider for the products. However, recently, I have been experiencing rapid decline in the quality of the weed, and some even show signs of fungal growth. However, a friend of mine suggested me to try out the online, and since then, there has been no going back. Their products, customer service, and their shipping, everything was top-notch!

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1 Reviews

West Coast Supply

4/ 5

With not only top rated products but also some of the most competitive pricing as well as LOYALTY programs what more can you ask for ?? Not just an online dispensary but an online community and family always providing high quality items. And unlike others do not overcharge and products are reliable

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1 Reviews

One of my favorite MoMs

5/ 5

I truly enjoy getting the WCS newsletter listing out the incredible deals and new strains. The prices are already super competitive and they regularly have sales that are 20% off! I prefer getting large amounts of the AA or a smaller sampling of the stronger stuff. Would like to see more sativas! Great service and would recommend.

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Taline Brown

1 Reviews

High quality supplier

4/ 5

This is actually my 10th purchase from West Coast Supply. The purchase process is always easy, quick, and they deliver within a short time period. It is handsdown one of the best sellers I have ever purchased from. The products and collection are amazing, and the prices are just what you would want them to be for a quality item.

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1 Reviews

West coast supply is a top shelf supplier

5/ 5

West coast supply has been my go to online supplier since legalization. Fast shipping always on time with tracking. Prices are awesome with great incentives for loyal customers and emailed promo codes. Cannabis quality is always top. Even bought a QP of shake once that was better than my medical supplier can give on their buds. Overall super satisfied with the service, quality, and prices from WestCoastSupply

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1 Reviews

Great quality products

5/ 5

West Coast supply has great products at amazing prices, great service as well.

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Q Free Shipping

West Coast Supply covers shipping anywhere in Canada when you buy weed online if your order is $150 or more. For faster delivery we offer free XpressPost on orders over $200!

Q Quality Assurance

We make sure our suppliers know where everything is coming from – and we test the levels of everything we sell. We know our customers rely on our mail order weed canada for their pain management and medical care, and we take that very seriously. Read our FAQS for more about our Quality Assurance practices.

Q Lowest Prices Around

We do our best to have extremely competitive prices and a wide variety of strains. With bud and extracts ranging from budget to AAAA quality, we want you to have total confidence in what you’re getting from West Coast Supply as you make the move to buying your marijuana online.

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