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About Stepping Stone Holistic Living

Our mission is to provide a location that offers the best quality medicinal cannabis, hemp CBD, and herbal products, as well as professional holistic services. We emphasize our research on the study of relationships between particular herbal remedies and alternatives therapies to specific ailments and focus on caring for our members using an integrative model of care.

Stepping Stone Holistic Living produces its own line of topical products, cannabis & herbal tinctures, herbal supplements and CBD products.  We take great pride in only using botanical and natural ingredients in all our products, sourced sustainably and organically as often as possible.

Community Involvement:

Our team of dedicated staff and members also take part in our community by regularly lending a hand to those in need.

We select a different local non-profit organization to donate to each month and encourage our in-store members and staff to collect items that these organizations need. Stepping Stone organizes a volunteer-driven seasonal meal to the residents of the downtown Eastside, often located at Oppenheimer Park. Looking to get involved in our community initiatives? Contact us to ask how!


Q Our Product & How to Use 1.1 Methods of consumption

There are many ways to ingest medical cannabis, and patients may find that one method is more effective than another for their specific condition.

The effects often vary with each method, sometimes affecting the length of time it takes for the medicine to take effect or the length of time that it remains effective. Each patient should find which manner is best for them.

Q Smoking Cannabis

Historically, the most traditional form of ingestion is smoking the dried flowers or leaves of the cannabis plant. Hash and kief are also ingested this way. Cannabis can be smoked through a pipe, rolled into a joint, or smoked using a water pipe.

For most patients, the effects of smoking dried cannabis are felt almost immediately, but soon begin to diminish. Depending on the individual patient, and the cannabinoid content and potency of the strain, effects wear off almost completely within 90 minutes to 4 hours. Regularly smoking any plant material can have a negative impact and patients are recommended to use vaporizers or other forms of medicine delivery whenever possible.

Q Eating Cannabis

Eating cannabis can be an excellent alternative to smoking, especially for some patients who prefer to avoid smoking. Here is some information that you should be aware of and may find helpful. Many member patients use edibles as a sleep aid, consuming about an hour before bedtime for a sounder sleep.

Food-based cannabis medicines affect patients differently than inhaled methods of medicating with cannabis.

Eating too much medicinal cannabis can cause extreme drowsiness, dizziness, inability to concentrate, diminished ability to focus, rapid heartbeat, increases or decreases in blood pressure, need for sleep, and feelings of euphoria.

How can you ingest cannabis medicines safely?

Learn to manage your dosage effectively…
1. Begin with a ¼ of a “dose” or small portion of product.
2. Wait for at least one hour and analyze the effects.
3. If necessary, consume another ¼ dose or small portion.
4. Wait for at least one more hour.
5. If necessary, consume part or all of the remaining product.

Do not operate heavy machinery, motor vehicles, boats, or motorcycles while taking edible medication. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing or caring for an infant. Do be aware of your surroundings and possible hazards, and prepare for your needs before taking medication.

Remember: Edibles can vary greatly in potency. Products often contain multiple doses or lesser doses of medicine. Weight, metabolism, and eating habits can alter dosage effects. Taking medication on an empty stomach can intensify medicinal effects. Learn dosage management that works for you when ingesting cannabis medicine.

If you feel you have eaten too much of a food-based medicine, do not panic, your symptoms will subside within a few hours. Remain calm. Stay hydrated and eat food to help symptoms pass. Edible cannabis is safe and will not cause any long-term toxicity.

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