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Dispensary Vancouver & Cannabis Stores Near Me

Our dispensary Vancouver list includes all the new retail cannabis stores, medical marijuana dispensaries, and even same day weed delivery services in Vancouver.


Find new cannabis stores open near me.

While browsing our Vancouver listings you can hit the “SEE ALL NEAR ME” button located at the bottom of the list to get Vancouver dispensaries and cannabis stores that are nearest to you, use the filter “Near Me” and set the distance you prefer to see what’s in your area. Or you can use the search bar in the header to get a list of Vancouver dispensaries that are within your neighborhood.

Vancouver Dispensaries 2020 Defined

Dispensaries has multiple meaning since cannabis has become legalized in Canada.  The term “dispensary” can refer to legal retail cannabis stores, online cannabis stores (retail and medical), and unauthorized brick and mortar medical marijuana dispensaries.

Previously, the brick and mortar and online medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada were considered to be operating in the grey market and many of them still are. Meaning that these dispensaries are not licensed to operate by the city and by the federal government. For the most part, they were tolerated in our Canadian cities before legalization.

Vancouver has of the most unauthorized dispensaries next to Toronto, the city of Vancouver has even taken it a step further and started to issue medical marijuana business licenses back in 2015. Those dispensaries in Vancouver who were licensed then are now closed and are in the process of applying to become legalized retail cannabis stores. All of the grey market dispensaries in Canada who decided to remain open post-legalization were warned that if they didn’t close by October. 17, 2018, they would have no chance to be approved for a retail cannabis license in their city or town.

The Different Types of Vancouver Dispensaries

  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – These are currently considered to be brick and mortar dispensaries who operate outside of the legal cannabis framework, “grey area”.
  • Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries – These are loosely considered to be legal retail cannabis brick and mortar stores or recreational cannabis stores. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45)
  • Recreational Cannabis Stores – These are brick and mortar legal cannabis stores or retail cannabis stores. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45)
  • Cannabis Stores (Retail) – These are brick and mortar legal cannabis stores or recreational cannabis stores. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45)
  • Online Dispensaries Canada – There are dispensaries in Canada who operate online only who serve the medical marijuana market. They operate outside the legal cannabis framework, “grey area” and are temporarily overlooked by the Canadian Government.
  • Online Cannabis Stores – These are legal online cannabis stores that are mostly operated by the provincial governments. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45). Some provinces permitted private online cannabis stores.

Cannabis Stores Vancouver

The below list of retail cannabis stores has all the newest stores as they open for business in Vancouver. They are sometimes called “Vancouver recreational dispensaries” or “recreational cannabis stores”.

Dispensary Vancouver List

The below list of dispensaries in Vancouver include medical marijuana dispensaries, online dispensaries and Vancouver recreational dispensaries. You can even get same day weed delivery in Vancouver.

Cannabis Online Delivery 24 Hours Open

MMJ Express Online Dispensary

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cannabis Brands 24 Hours Open

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Are Vancouver Dispensaries Open Late?

Some of Vancouver’s dispensaries and cannabis stores are open late and some are not. To find which ones are open late, use the filter on the search results page “Open Now” to see which dispensaries are open late that are near you. Also, at the top right on each dispensary listing, you will find their open hours.