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Dispensary Calgary & Cannabis Stores for Medical & Recreational Marijuana Near Me



Find new cannabis stores open near you.

The below dispensary Calgary list is complete with medical marijuana dispensaries in Calgary, recreational marijuana dispensaries, and retail cannabis stores in Calgary Alberta.

  • Retail Cannabis Stores Calgary – A complete list of Canada’s new retail cannabis stores. With helpful information, local maps, cannabis store reviews, open late hours, and more.

While browsing our dispensary Calgary list you can hit the “SEE ALL NEAR ME” button to get a list of dispensaries in Calgary and retail cannabis stores that are near me, use the filter “Near Me” and set the distance you prefer to see what listings are in your area.

Dispensaries Canada 2019 Defined

Dispensaries Canada has multiple meaning since cannabis has become legalized in Canada.  The term “dispensary” can refer to legal retail cannabis stores, online cannabis stores (retail and medical), and unauthorized brick and mortar medical marijuana dispensaries.

Previously, the brick and mortar and online medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada were considered to be operating in the grey market and many of them still are. Meaning that these dispensaries are not licensed to operate by the city and by the federal government. For the most part, they were tolerated in our Canadian cities before legalization and largely still are in some cities, and online, but the government is cracking down on them more in 2019 as legal cannabis in Canada matures.

The Different Types of Dispensaries Canada 2019

  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – These are currently considered to be brick and mortar dispensaries who operate outside of the legal cannabis framework, “grey area”.
  • Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries – These are loosely considered to be legal retail cannabis brick and mortar stores or recreational cannabis stores. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45)
  • Recreational Cannabis Stores – These are brick and mortar legal cannabis stores or retail cannabis stores. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45)
  • Retail Cannabis Stores – These are brick and mortar legal cannabis stores or recreational cannabis stores. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45)
  • Online Dispensaries Canada – There are dispensaries in Canada who operate online only who serve the medical marijuana market. They operate outside the legal cannabis framework, “grey area” and are temporarily overlooked by the Canadian Government.
  • Online Cannabis Stores – These are legal online cannabis stores that are mostly operated by the provincial governments. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45). Some provinces permitted private online cannabis stores.

Dispensary Calgary List

The below list of dispensaries in Calgary include all the new retail cannabis stores.

Featured Dispensaries and Cannabis Stores Calgary

Choom Cannabis – Shawcliffe, Calgary

Welcome to Choom Cannabis in Shawcliffe, Calgary, Alberta Choom is all about cultivating good times with good friends. At every Choom retail location, you’ll be sure to find some of the best varieties, sourced from Health Canada approved Licensed Producers, curated to cater to a wide range of users- from the cannabis curious to the […]

Nova Cannabis – Deerfoot Meadows, Calgary

Welcome to Nova Cannabis in Deerfoot Meadows, Calgary, Alberta At Nova Cannabis we carry an outstanding line of products and top brands representing the best in flowers, oils, capsule, seeds, pre-roll and more. But, we’re more than just the product. Our Customer Experience Representatives are ready to help you navigate strains, product types and the […]

Canna Cabana – Crowfoot Calgary

Welcome to Canna Cabana in Crowfoot, Calgary Our Canna Cabana store located in Crowfoot Calgary is a fully licensed cannabis store for members and cannabis enthusiasts. Come and take a look at our cannabis store in Crowfoot Calgary and one of our friendly staff members will be able to assist you with choosing the right cannabis for […]

Beltline Cannabis Calgary

Quality & Service at our core For the reasons that matter, for everyone We are committed to supply from proven natural growing facilities to ensure the safest products for our customers and the environment.

Merry Jane’s Cannabis

Welcome to Merry Jane’s Cannabis in Calgary Alberta Merry Jane’s Cannabis offers a large selection of cannabis, cannabis-infused products, and accessories. Merry Jane’s Cannabis Calgary opens late hours: Monday 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM Tuesday 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM Wednesday 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM Thursday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Friday 10:00 AM […]

Four20 Premium Market – Oakridge Calgary

Welcome to Four20 Premium Market Calgary Alberta, Oakridge Location PROUD TO BE HOME-GROWN AND LIVE LOCALLY. We recognize our presence within the community and strive to create positive relationships with those around us. Our expertise and commitment to quality have enabled us to build trust and reciprocity with our consumers and community members. Our Mantra has […]

NewLeaf Cannabis – Rundlehorn

IT’S TIME TO EMBRACE A NEW CANNABIS NARRATIVE We influence the perception of cannabis products and businesses, provide share-worthy and inclusive experiences to those seeking education and contribute positively to every community we serve. Our Passion Our passion is supporting our community’s need for safe and effective cannabis products and education; changing negative perceptions, one […]

CO-OP Cannabis – Richmond Road

Welcome to CO-OP Cannabis in Richmond Road Alberta With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, we are pleased to announce that we will be opening more stores across Calgary in the ongoing months. Co-op Cannabis is proud to be a division of the Calgary Co-operative Association Limited, one of the largest retail cooperatives in North America […]

Recent Cannabis Store Listings Calgary

Are Calgary Dispensaries Open Late?

Some of Calgary dispensaries and cannabis stores are open late and some are not. To find which ones are open late, use the filter on the search results page “Open Now” to see which dispensaries are open late that are near you. Also, at the top right on each dispensary listing, you will find their open hours.