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Dispensaries Toronto & Cannabis Stores Near Me

Our dispensary Toronto list includes all the new cannabis stores, with medical marijuana dispensaries, and even same day weed delivery services in Toronto.

While browsing our Toronto listings you can hit the “SEE ALL NEAR ME” button located at the bottom of the list to get Toronto dispensaries and cannabis stores that are nearest to you. Use the filter “Near Me” and set the distance you prefer to see what’s in your area. Or you can use the search bar in the header to get a list of Vancouver dispensaries that are within your neighborhood.


Find new cannabis stores open near me.

Dispensaries Toronto 2020

Dispensaries in Toronto have multiple meaning since cannabis has become legalized in Canada.  The term “dispensary” can refer to legal retail cannabis stores, online cannabis stores (retail and medical), and grey area brick and mortar medical marijuana dispensaries.

Previously, the brick and mortar and online medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada were considered to be operating in the grey market and many of them still are. Meaning that these dispensaries are not licensed to operate by the city and by the federal government. For the most part, they were tolerated in our Canadian cities before legalization and largely still are in some cities, and online, but the government is cracking down on them more in 2020 as legal cannabis in Canada matures.

The Different Types of Dispensaries in Toronto Defined

  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – These are currently considered to be brick and mortar dispensaries who operate outside of the legal cannabis framework, “grey area”.
  • Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries – These are loosely considered to be legal retail cannabis brick and mortar stores or recreational cannabis stores. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45)
  • Recreational Cannabis Stores – These are brick and mortar legal cannabis stores or retail cannabis stores. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45)
  • Retail Cannabis Stores – These are brick and mortar legal cannabis stores or recreational cannabis stores. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45)
  • Online Dispensaries Canada – There are dispensaries in Canada who operate online only who serve the medical marijuana market. They operate outside the legal cannabis framework, “grey area” and are temporarily overlooked by the Canadian Government.
  • Online Cannabis Stores – These are legal online cannabis stores that are mostly operated by the provincial governments. They operate within the legal cannabis framework (Bill C-45). Some provinces permitted private online cannabis stores.

Dispensaries Toronto & Cannabis Stores 

The below list of cannabis stores has all the newest cannabis shops in Toronto. They are sometimes called “Toronto recreational dispensaries” or “recreational cannabis stores”.

Featured Toronto Cannabis Stores

CANVAS Cannabis – Danforth

Welcome to Canvas Cannabis located at Danforth Toronto, ON Canvas Cannabis offers a warm, sophisticated and fresh outlook on a boutique cannabis experience, coupled with fabulous one-on-one customer engagement. Our goal is to create a very unique aesthetic through the use of warm hues and natural elements for a very subtle, stylized elegance. Canvas caters […]

Ameri Yorkville Cannabis Boutique

Welcome to Ameri Yorkville Cannabis Boutique We are an Ontario authorized Cannabis Store located in Yorkville Toronto. Ameri Yorkville open late hours: Monday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Tuesday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Wednesday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Thursday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Friday 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM […]

The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. – Downtown,Toronto

Welcome to The Hunny Pot Cannabis Store – Downtown, Toronto The Hunny Pot Cannabis Store is a recreational dispensary with more than 3,500 square feet and has been carefully curated to provide the ultimate consumer/cannabis experience. The Hunny Pot has been designed to deliver customers with a safe and comfortable environment to explore, learn, and […]

Canna Cabana – Young St. Toronto

Welcome to Canna Cabana on Young St. Toronto We’ve been serving Canadian cannabis consumers for over a decade, and we’re committed to delivering a next-level experience that you won’t forget. Everyone has a Cabana. For some, it’s receiving a text from that special someone, or catching the sunrise. For others, it’s finding out a new season of […]

Superette Cannabis Store – Dundas, Toronto

Welcome to Superette Cannabis Store Dundas, Toronto At Superette, we’re meeting lots of people who are excited or curious about cannabis but don’t know where to begin, which is why we’ve set out to make cannabis retail as simple and fun as buying ice cream at the corner store. Superette Cannabis Store Dundas Open Hours: […]

Hobo Cannabis Store – Danforth Village, Toronto

Welcome to Hobo Cannabis Store in Danforth Village, Toronto, ON There’s a new normal in town and its name is Cannabis. Our aim is to make cannabis buying experience disarming, compassionate, and human. We’re calling bullshit on the stigma. Mother Earth put this good plant here with a purpose—let us introduce you to a few […]

One Plant Cannabis Store – Toronto

Welcome to One Plant Cannabis Store in Toronto, ON We at One Plant® are creating an educational and inviting retail atmosphere, where you can comfortably learn about cannabis and purchase the cannabis products that are right for your needs. As the popularity of marijuana and other cannabis products grows, consumers are becoming interested and curious about […]

Friendly Stranger Cannabis – Queen St, Toronto

Welcome to Friendly Stranger Cannabis Store Queen St, Toronto, Ontario About Us Since 1994 Friendly Stranger has been a champion of cannabis devoted to activism, community, and culture. Friendly Stranger is more than a store. It’s a place for those seeking a positive cannabis environment that inspires unity, advocacy, and acceptance. Where others see customers, […]

Recent Toronto Cannabis Store Listings

Online Dispensaries & Weed Delivery Toronto

The below list of online dispensaries in Toronto include medical mail order marijuana shops and local weed delivery services.

Cannabis Brands 24 Hours Open

Zen Leafs – Top Rated CBD & Essential O...

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cannabis Online Delivery 24 Hours Open

Canada Cannabis Dispensary – Mail Order Mari...

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Are Toronto Dispensaries Open Late?

Some Toronto dispensaries and cannabis stores are open late and some are not. To find which ones are open late, use the filter on the search results page “Open Now” to see which dispensaries are open late that are near you. Also, at the top right on each dispensary listing, you will find their open hours.