Get cheap ounces Canada from the top 5 cheapest online dispensaries.


Finding the best weed deals for cheap ounces in Canada from the cheapest online dispensaries can take some time if you don’t know where to look. Online dispensaries offer all kinds of weed online with cheap deals for ounces, including $99 ounces, $100 ounces, and mix & match ounces with volume discounts. Marijuana 420 flash sales to score some cheap ounces and bulk weed deals are also good ways to buy weed online and get yourself some fantastic BC Bud at even better prices.

You will always find cheap ounces in Canada at the wholesale dispensaries, where weed deals is their game. At these dispensaries, you will discover that most of their ounces are cheap from the get-go, and you don’t need to wait for flash sales and limited time 420 deals. Our top 5 list for cheap ounces Canada includes 2 wholesale dispensaries and one worthy mention that you can take advantage of, West Cost Cannabis, Haute Health, and CannaWholesalers.

Buy Cheap Weed Online

If you are looking for $99 ozs and $100 ounces in Canada, then you are in luck, this article will help you find some cheap weed online. For example, The Grow House, West Coast Cannabis, Haute Health, and Speed Greens  all have sale categories where you will find cheap ounces for approximately $79, $89, $99, $100, $110, $120, and even under $79 (Haute Health is a good example). Add on a coupon code if applicable and you’re golden.

Take a look at Haute Health’s new crazy “Smokin’ Daily Weed Deals”, you’ll find $50 to $79 ounces of weed, and even cheaper sometimes. Also make sure to check out their cannabis concentrates, like shatter, and CBD, it’s slashed by 40 to 70% in the daily deals shop. Check out the hot deals

Don’t forget that each dispensary listed below have coupon codes, discount codes, and free weed deals that you can use for first orders and some for repeat orders.

Best Cheap Ounces Online Right Now

Updated: March 05, 2021

Strain Info.

Quality / Ounce Pricing

AAA - $99 ounce / 2 ounces for $189

AA - $2.61 per gram, with $60 to $120 ounces

AA - $140 $90 ounces

AA - $90 per ounce ($2 grams)

AA - 12-16% THC - $75 per ounce

AAAA - 28-30% THC - $150 ounces

Cheap Ounces Canada Quick Reference Guide

Here are the top 5 online dispensaries to buy cheap weed online.


Quality / Pricing

Cheap Ounce Info.

AA - AAAA / $1.95 to $8.20 per gram

$60 to $120 cheap ounces, see all. 20% off code: Budhub20

A - AAAA / $2 to $9 grams

Daily deals section (50% to 70% off) 30% off code always avialable.

AA - AAAA / $80 to $190 ounces

The mix & match masters, great bulk section. 5% off code: Beaver5

AA - AAAA / $79 to $140 ounces

Established MOM with a solid track record. Cheap $100 ozs, and daily flash sales.

#5 BudLyft >

AAA $99 ounces category - view menu

Best selection of cheap $99 ounces. 20% off coupon code: BHBL20

The top 5 online dispensaries for cheap ounces in more detail.

Broken down in more detail with reviews, cheap ounce examples, current promos, and coupon codes.

#1 The Grow House – Cheapest Online Dispensaries List

Cheap Ounces Canada Overview

The Grow House have about 100 strains to choose from with lots of sales running all the time in their flower menu. If you are a weed snob and prefer specific premium strains, then make sure to take a look at their premium collection. You will find some top-shelf cheap ounces on sale with a nice selection that is sure to satisfy any weed connoisseur.

$60 to $120 Cheap Ounce Category

Including over 12 strains from AA to AAA quality with deep discounts for the budget minded weed lover. Go to the menu

Get some cheap ounce deals and pay $1.99 to $5.75 per gram, while supplies last. You will find their strain of the week on sale and featured on their homepage.

  • 20% off Coupon Code: Budhub20 (with a free gram of weed)

Cheap Ounces by the Quarter Pound, Half Pound, and Full Pound

A few examples:

  • Chemo Kush QP (4 ozs) $450
  • Pink Death Star QP (4 ozs) $499
  • Blue God (AAA+) QP $550 / 1/2 pound $1000 $850 / 1 pound $1800 $1650
  • Blueberry YUM Yum Shatter AAAA – 7g $182 / 14g $336 / 28g (1 ounce) $616

See all the bulk deals

#2 Haute Health for $2 grams, $3 grams, $4 grams, $5 grams and up

Cheap Ounces Canada at Haute Health Redefined

The flower menu at Haute Health is categorized by the gram dollar amount with some fantastic weed deals like, $2 grams, $3 grams, $4 grams, $5 grams, $6 grams, $7 grams, $8 grams, and $9 grams (quads). It’s structured this way so you can buy cheap ounces of weed at compassionate prices with $50 ounces to $99 ounces at the $2 gram, $3 gram and $4 gram level. Also with great deals on concentrates like $15 shatter options.

Smokin’ Daily Weed Deals

Please note that the products in the ‘SMOKIN’ WEED DEALS CATALOG can run out very fast, but deals are updated daily.

This is a new and exciting category at Haute Health, and it’s no joke! There are some crazy good weed deals here, stuff like 50% off $9 grams, $1.50 grams, that make up one hell of a cheap ounce in Canada at $42. Also find premium nug-run shatter slashed by 50-70%, as well as wax, and edibles.

> See all the daily deals

Coupon Code at Haute Health and Promotions:

  • Exclusive Haute Health 20% off coupon code: chronichighclass20 (applies to orders over $100, one-time use per customer). eGet free Xpresspost shipping on all orders, and free priority shipping on orders over $300 with 3 free high-grade grams of flower.
  • Get 20 points ($20 store credit) just for signing up.
  • Check Haute Health’s homepage footer notification for their latest and greatest coupon codes and cheap once deals (they are quite active with nice weekend deals).

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#3 West Coast Cannabis – Cheapest Ounces in Bulk and Mix & Match

Cheap Ounces Canada at West Coast Cannabis

Canada’s best-kept secret for high-quality BC bud with great pricing for cheap ounces ($99 ounces, up to $120 ounces). West Coast Cannabis also have lots of mix & match combo pack deals that range from full pounds, quarter pounds, right down to a 7 gram Mix & Match pack. See their Mix & Match menu. Also with great shatter prices by the ounce, with a large concentrates and HTFSE menu.

$100 – $120 Cheap Ounce Example:
Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa / THC Level: 12 – 15% Cheap Ounce Deals: 1 Ounce $140 $120 / QP (4 Ounces) $560 $400 / 1/2 Pound (8 Ounces) $1120 $750

> See all their cheap ounce deals in their bulk shop.

West Coast Cannabis Coupon Code and Rewards: 5% off coupon code: Beaver5 (one-time use only). If it’s your first order with West Coast Cannabis, make sure to check out their homepage for their latest deals and promotions. Plus earn reward points on sign up and on every order.

#4 Cheap Ounces Canada @ Herb Approach

Herb Approach is one of the original online dispensaries who has been with Budhub Canada since the beginning. This MOM (Mail Order Marijuana) has cheap ounce deals and mix & match flower specials galore, and they run these promotions with creative flare.

Cheap Weed Deals on Ounces, Half Ounces, and Mix & Match Packs

The best place to find all of their current weed promos and cheap ounces is on their homepage. There you will find everything front and center on their slideshow and just below the fold.

Here are some of their cheap ounce specials and weed promos you’ll find on their homepage:

  • Ghost Train Haze $175 ounce deal
  • Pre-98 Bubba Kush $80 half ounce promo
  • Cinex $50 quarter ounce special
  • Durban Poison $51 quarter ounce special
  • Lanb Bread $170 ounce deal
  • Herb Approach Mix & Match any 2 half ounces for $180, with over 10 strains to choose from 10 strains
  • Mix & Match 2 ounces of premium weed super sale for $350, normally $550. Check it out

NEW – Herb Approach Daily Weed Deals & Flash Sales

Save 30% to 50% on flowers, CBD products, concentrates, edibles, and more. See today’s deals

Best $99 Ounces Canada

Best $99 Ounces Canada

#5 BudLyft – Best Selection of $99 Ounces in Canada

BudLyft online dispensary has some cheap online weed all wrapped up in one special category – $99 oz Deals (View Menu). Here you will find lots of strains that are AAA quality and if you buy 2 ounces, you will even get a better deal for $189.

$99 Ounce Examples

  • Blueberry AAA 1oz special $140 $99 / half ounce $70 $59 / 2 ounce special $280 $189
  • Mango Kush AAA 1oz special $140 $99 / half ounce $70 $59 / 2 ounce special $280 $189
  • Nuken AAA 1oz special $140 $99 / half ounce $70 $59 / 2 ounce special $280 $189
  • Mix & Match 2 half ounces for $118 $99


BudLyft Coupon Code & 420 sales

  • Get 20% off your order and free gifts, use coupon code: BHBL20 ($99 ounces do not apply)
  • 420 Sales – With great pricing on mix & match ounces, half ounces, concentrates, edibles and much more.

Some Worthy Mentions

Speed Greens – Cheapest Online Dispensaries

Cheap Ounces Canada at Speed Greens

Speed Greens have a great selection of cannabis strains that are value priced every day on their flower menu. They also have flower sales for some cheap ounces in Canada from their value AA+ strains starting at $99 oz to $120 per ounce to their premium AAAA strains starting at $174 per ounce, you can’t beat that, and you don’t need to order in bulk to get those cheap ounce deals.

Speed Greens want you to trust that their cheap ounces and store prices are the lowest online. So, they have a Best Price Policy right on their homepage, “We guarantee the lowest price on our products. If you find an identical product online for less just let us know and we will match the price of that item”.

Speed Greens Discount Codes and Free Weed Deals:

  • First order 20% off Speed Greens coupon code: BHC20 (one-time use, excluding on-sale products)
  • Repeat order 10% off coupon code: BEAVERAGAIN10 (Intended for your second order, one-time use, doesn’t apply with other coupon codes or on sale products)
  • NEW $25 off discount code: BEAVER25 This $25 cart discount code is ideal to use for your third order (one-time use, doesn’t apply with other coupon codes or on sale products, min order $139)

Get 14 grams of free weed:

(The below promotions are fully stackable)

  • Complimentary 3.5g AA cannabis sign up bonus.
  • NEW Free 3.5g AAA or Mini SG Grinder or House Edibles on Orders Over $299
  • NEW Free 3.5g AAAA or 1g Shatter or 1g Budder or Disposable Vape on Order Over $499
  • NEW Free 3.5g AAAA Top Shelf or 1g Live Resin or Sky Tincture on Orders Over $799

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Weed Online Cheap at Get Kush

Get Kush online dispensary is operated by a brother and sister team who focus on providing the best BC bud with a competitive pricing model. They offer incredible promotions and everyday good value when it comes to bulk cheap ounces. For example, you can mix & match your ounces and save up to 37.5% when you buy in bulk. Additionally, you can find cheap ounces without having to buy weed in bulk, take a look.

Ounces under $199 – View menu
Ounces under $129 – View menu
Variety packs – View menu

Bulk Mix & Match Ounces Canada

  • Buy 1 ounce and get 10% off
  • Buy 2 ounces and get 15% off
  • Buy 3 ounces and get 25% off
  • Buy 4 ounces and get 30% off
  • Buy 5 ounces and get 35% off
  • Buy 6 ounces and get 37.5% off

Get Kush Coupon Code

  • Get 5% off on your first order, use coupon code: beaver5 or youarethebest5

> Get Kush review and unboxing on The Chronic Beaver.

Cheap Ounces of BC Bud @ BuyMyWeedOnline

BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO) delivers the best BC bud Canada wide, and is one of the oldest and most reliable mail-order marijuana shops online today. Cheap ounces at BMWO come in various forms depending on how much BC bud you buy. Only looking for 1 ounce of Cannabis? Or do you want to Mix & Match other products, like concentrates, and vape carts? BMWO offer nice discounts on 1 ounce mix & match cannabis packs along with a lot of other options. Take a look

BuyMyWeedOnline Promotions: 

BuyMyweedOnline have endless deals and coupons that all can be found on their dedicated page. Deals like $99 ounces, first order bonus, free gifts, mix & match volume discounts, monthly giveaways, weekend flash sales, and more, see all their promotions. Get free express post shipping with order over $99.

BMWO Coupon Code:

  • Get 10% off with 3.5 grams of free weed on your first order, use coupon code: FRESH1o

Mix & Match Cheap Ounces: 

  • Buy 2oz and get 15% off
  • Buy 3oz and get 20% off with free gifts
  • Buy 4oz or moe and get 25% off with free gifts

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Cheap Ounces Canada @ CannaWholesalers

CannaWholesalers is a very popular wholesale dispensary on our top 5 list with the cheapest online prices for bulk ounces. When you buy weed online with CannaWholesalers, you are guaranteed to pay the lowest prices in Canada with their bulk weed mix & match discounts and I quote ” If you find an identical strain at the same grade online for less we’ll match it”.

They also have a cheap ounces menu category set up to buy single ounces, with $85 ounces to $159 ounces, take a look. Here is a nice example of their cheap ounces, this weed deal is hard to ignore at $89 per ounce. BURMESE KUSH – 1 Ounce  $89 Hybrid / THC:12 – 16% / CBD:>1% / Bud Size: Medium – Small / Texture: Slight Sticky / Flavors: Earthy, Pine, Woody

Discount Code & Free Gifts

$10 OFF Discount Code: Chronic10 (one-time use per customer, min order $110 to redeem this coupon). Also get free gifts with your order, the more you spend, the more you get.

Bulk Cheap Ounces

At CannaWholesalers, when you buy cannabis by the ounce, you not only get the guaranteed lowest prices, you save some serious cash too with their mix & match wholesale deals:

  • 10% off 1 ounce
  • 20% off 2 or more ounces
  • 35% off 3 or more ounces
  • 45% off 8 or more ounces
  • 10% off 2 or more 1/4 lbs
  • 15% off 3 or more 1/4 lbs

> CannaWholesalers review and unboxing on The Chronic Beaver.