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Buy Weed Online Canada from Trusted Online Marijuana Dispensaries and Cannabis Stores


buy-weed-online-canada-marijuana-dispensaries-momDeciding on where to buy weed online Canada and who to trust can be challenging as there are over 50 Canadian online mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensaries to choose from. Additionally, as cannabis in Canada becomes legalized in the Fall of 2018, the online recreational marijuana delivery market is set to explode as each province will operate and control their own online marijuana shops to buy weed online.

Each online dispensary has their own focus on what type of products and services they offer, from medical marijuana strains that have high CBD to recreational marijuana strains that are higher in THC, from cannabis concentrates like shatter and hash to the many forms of marijuana edibles that are available in the Canadian market today.

Online MOM dispensaries also offer various services and promotions to help them stand out in the marketplace. As the legalization of cannabis in Canada approaches, we will see the online shops get more and more competitive for both medical and recreational marijuana, be sure to check back to this page for updates and for current deals and coupon codes.

Some of the competitive services offered by MOM dispensaries:

  • free delivery
  • same day or next day delivery
  • guaranteed delivery via Canada Post
  • online medical marijuana doctor appointments and referrals
  • strain breakdown, reviews, and recommendations
  • 100% satisfaction guarantees


Some of the promotions and deals to buy weed online from MOM dispensaries are:

  • First-time order discounts
  • 420-day deals and coupons
  • Coupon codes for special offers
  • Bulk order deals
  • Free weed with your order
  • Reward and loyalty programs
  • Shatter deals
  • CBD oil promotions


As you can see the options to buy weed online in Canada are numerous and can sometimes be intimidating when deciding which online dispensary you can trust. At Budhub Canada, we have verified online cannabis stores and dispensary listings who were vetted by us, so you can trust and have confidence in your next online weed delivery.

Here is a breakdown and review of each verified and trusted Canadian Medical Marijuana Online Dispensary and Cannabis Store with Budhub Canada

Verified Online Marijuana Dispensaries & Reviews:

> TrueMeds

> Buds2Go.ca

> Herb Approach

> Blue+Yellow

> Cheapweed.ca 

> Is it Safe to Buy Weed Online?

truemeds-feature-imageReview of TrueMeds Online Dispensary


TrueMeds provides medical-grade BC Cannabis products shipped discreetly to your door anywhere in Canada. The mission at TrueMeds is to help create a healthier and happier Canada. TrueMeds has a comprehensive online menu offering that separates them from the competition, with a wide selection of CBD products, flowers, pet products, cannabis concentrates, topicals, and edibles all with competitive pricing. Their website and shopping cart is easy to use and mobile friendly, it also features their daily deals and promotions front and center so you don’t miss them when ordering. Plus they accept credit cards for your online deliveries.


The consensus online is that TrueMeds delivers top-grade licensed BC Bud and concentrates, also with some of the most reputable brands in Canada when it comes to CBD, edibles and topical products.


TrueMeds are deeply committed to making sure that each and every customer is happy at all times. They treated you like family and are one of the few online dispensaries who offer a live customer service telephone help desk, it’s nice to talk to a real person when you need help, isn’t it?


Secure SSL certificate installed, passwords, credit cards are secure & private.


100% guaranteed quality and delivery.

Deals & Coupons

Coupon Code: happy2018 for 10% off your first order, use code at checkout.

Live Customer Service

Telephone help desk is open Mon to Fri - 9am to 5pm, 1-833-878-3633

buds2go-mom-feature-imageReview of Buds2go Online Dispensary


Buds2go is one of the oldest online dispensaries in Canada and are innovation leaders and disruptors in the mail order marijuana industry. They are passionate about great products and the legal distribution of medicinal marijuana. Since the birth of online dispensaries in Canada, Buds2go has been raising the level of professional commerce, responsibility and innovation into a sector that didn’t exist not too long ago.

Buds2go extensive menu includes, marijuana chocolates, marijuana gummies and other THC/CBD edibles, extracts, distillates, concentrates,  shatter,  vape pens, dabs and cannabis based topicals for delivery across Canada.


Buds2go has a great reputation online for their wide assortment of strains, whether it’s Sativa, Indica or a Hybrid with lots of premium offerings. Recreational and medical marijuana consumers top preference when it comes to ordering marijuana online is bud Quality. Buds2go consistently provides top-shelf marijuana strains that are carefully sourced in the interest of their customer’s top preference, no matter the cost.


It’s very difficult to put a money back guarantee on consumables but Buds2go is making every effort. Their staff are highly trained and experienced, think of them like your virtual budtenders! If you have any questions about shipping or questions about what medicinal marijuana can do for you, feel free to send them a message or start a online chat via their website. Buds2go are dedicated caring professionals who just want to make you happy anyway they can.


128 bit encrypted connection, secure SSL certificate installed, sensitive data is secure & private.

Guaranteed Delivery

Safe & secure delivery via Canada Post, tracking numbers provided.

Free Shipping

On all orders over $100, Canada wide.

Deals & Coupons

Coupon Code: BIG10 for 10% off your entire order, use code at checkout. Free weed deals on your first order.

herb-approach-feature-imageReview of Herb Approach Online Dispensary


Herb Approach is Canada’s premiere online dispensary specializing in holistic health and natural healing. All of their products are top-grade that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with free shipping on orders over $150, and with no medical recommendation required. Ordering online from Herb Approach is a fun experience, as their menu is extensive with informative descriptions of all their products, you’ll always get the right information on strains and products to help make the right choice that suits your specific medicinal needs. Herb Approach run great deals online, with constant flash deals for flowers, shatter, CBD products, edibles and more.


Herb Approach is routinely described (based from over 200 online reviews) as a wicked good dispensary with good prices, fast shipping, and with incredible products to choose from. They provide the best of what BC has to offer for top-tier flowers and extracts. If you are looking for a strain with ridiculously high THC content, or with super CBD healing powers, or both, Herb Approach has you covered.


Herb Approach strives to have the best customer service possible, one way they are achieving this is by providing easy access to their customer service team. With several contact options;  by telephone (604) 334-7616, via SMS, Skype and WhatsApp. You can also contact them via their website widget or Facebook Live Messenger. Their customer service representatives are available for live chat on Monday to Friday  9am PST – 5pm PST or 24/7 by email to info@herbapproach.com.


Secure SSL certificate installed, passwords and sensitive information is secure & private.

Guaranteed 100%

Guaranteed satisfaction with the best online selection, prices and deals.

Free Shipping

On all orders over $150, Canada wide.

Rewards Program

Get 200 points just for signing up, that's $10 bucks, plus earn points for every purchase that you make.

blue+yellow-online-cannabis-mail-order-delivery-canadaReview of Blue+Yellow Online Cannabis Dispensary


Blue+Yellow online cannabis delivery has premium AAA medical grade cannabis and cannabis products with a large selection of strains, concentrates and edibles that are all positioned with attractive price points. Blue+Yellow`s biggest differentiating attributes for the online mail order marijuana industry in Canada is their speed of service, delivery and their guarantee. They offer $15 Canada Post Xpresspost flat shipping for all packages and free express shipping with orders over $99. They also ship the same day when you order online and strive to get your order to you within 1-3 business days if you order before 1 pm Pacific time. And to top all of that off, Blue+Yellow offer a 100% guarantee against lost shipments, this guarantee is hard to find from online dispensaries in Canada and is a big ++ when it comes to buying weed online with confidence.


Blue+Yellow offer top-quality, AAA medical grade cannabis and cannabis products with a wide selection and competitive prices. Their Gorilla Glue #4 (aka GG4) is one of their best selling products, created by GG strains and is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, a multiple award-winning strain, famous for its high THC content. It averages 18 to 25 percent THC, but you may find it as high as 32 percent at some dispensaries. The CBD is very low, ranging between 0.05 and 0.1 percent.


Blue+Yellow want you to feel secure and confident when ordering online from them, they believe that happy customers are return customers, so they do EVERYTHING they can to make sure you have the perfect customer experience.  Blue+Yellow provide email support and have a chat desk that`s available throughout their website in case you have questions on the fly when ordering online.


Secure SSL certificate installed, passwords and sensitive information is secure & private.

Guaranteed Xpresspost

100% guaranteed against lost orders via Canada Post Xpresspost.

Free Shipping

Free Xpresspost shipping on all orders over $99.

Deals & Coupons

Use coupon code: TRYUS10 to get 10% off your first order.

cheap-weed-canada-online-dispensary-feature-imageReview of Cheapweed.ca – Buy Weed Online


Cheapweed.ca is one of Canada`s more popular spots to buy weed online in Canada, with the highest quality medical marijuana on the market, at the lowest prices. They are known for their huge selection of strains with new ones available daily. Some of Cheapweed.ca`s callouts to fame are their cheap ounces mix & match volume order deals, and their free shipping on any order delivered anywhere in Canada. You can`t beat that, especially when you combine them. They also have a rewards program where you earn points based on how much money you spend. For every $10 you spend, you receive 1 point, 100 points is equivalent to $10.


Cheapweed.ca carefully select their strains based on 3 criteria: Smell, Bud Structure, and Scale Rating so they can offer AA-AAAA+ grades of cannabis to their clientele. Cheapweed.ca also has an impressive reputation online, with lots of reviews across most platforms. Their bud quality and huge flower selection are most talked about in their reviews, with all the great content online about Cheapweed.ca, it`s hard not to like and trust them.


Cheapweed.ca`s wants to meet everyone`s cannabis needs, by offering incredible products and impeccable service.  Their ultimate goal is to become the place of choice in Canada for cannabis enthusiasts and to build strong interpersonal relationships with all clients, patients, and friends.


Secure SSL certificate installed, passwords and sensitive information is secure & private.

Volume Discounts

Get up to 45% off when you order weed by the ounce.

Free Shipping

Free shipping across Canada on all orders.


Earn points and convert them into cash for your next delivery.

Is it safe to buy weed online in Canada?

Marijuana for recreational purposes is set to be fully legalized October 17, 2018. This means that cannabis will be available to Canadian consumers to purchase flowers and concentrates from licensed cannabis online retail stores and storefronts throughout Canada. Each Province will be responsible for the sale and distribution of cannabis and will set their own regulations on how it will be executed and operated.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001, but possession of cannabis for recreational purposes is still considered an offense until the full legalization of recreational cannabis commences this October 2018. However, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of getting into trouble with the police especially if you buy marijuana online from mail order dispensaries, it’s a safe and discreet way to buy weed online.

There’s nothing to fear, here’s why:

The police can’t interfere with your mail because of the Canada Post Corporation Act that blocks them from getting warrants to seize your mail unless there’s a national security risk. To date, no one has been arrested or had any issues whatsoever when receiving marijuana by online mail order.

Authorized distributors of cannabis are legally allowed to ship marijuana through the mail. Canada Post actually offers detailed instructions on how to do that in an effort to reduce chances of theft within the mail system. For example, they explain that cannabis must be sealed in such a way that the package doesn’t produce any odor. They also discourage labeling in a way that makes it easy to identify what’s inside.

The outcome of these safeguards is that marijuana sales by online mail order is one of the safest and most secure ways to receive marijuana delivery at home, and that’s why it remains so popular today.

Currently, there are over 50 online MOM sites based in Canada, there hasn’t been a single incidence of customers getting into trouble for using these sites when buying weed online in Canada.