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The Chronic Beaver Blog

Feature Image – How To Display Your Logo

The importance of your logo and how to display it with Budhub Canada Your brand is one of the..

How to Grow Your Own Legal Cannabis at Home

Great news on the cannabis in Canada front. The great news is for all those home growers with ..

Your Legal Cannabis Purchase Data Could Get You Banned From The U.S.A.

Your Canadian cannabis-purchase data could end up on a server in the United States, and it coul..

Bill C-46 Drug-Impaired Driving is Full of Pot Holes

Canadian cannabis users want to know - How high is too high to drive, and how can they prove it..

How to Complete the “Add Your Listing Form”

This article explains each heading in more detail for the "Add Your Listing Form" when you're ..

Who is the Chronic Beaver?

Hello, nice to meet you!I’m The Chronic Beaver, who created this site and a media website..