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The best dispensary Vancouver includes cannabis stores that are most popular on Budhub Canada. There are hundreds of dispensaries in the Vancouver  area and finding the best that suites your needs can be a challenge. Are you looking for a dispensary in Vancouver that is open late, has the best prices and deals, has the best cannabis brands, or one that is nearest to you?

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While browsing our Vancouver dispensary listings you can hit the “SEE ALL” button to get a list of all the dispensary storefronts on Budhub. Then hit the “NEAR ME” filter to see the Vancouver dispensaries that are nearest to you. You can also choose the “OPEN NOW” filter for a list of local dispensaries near me and who are open now.

8 Best Dispensaries in Vancouver

Quantum 1 Cannabis – North Vancouver

Welcome to Quantum 1 Cannabis located in North Vancouver, BC The word quantum comes from the Latin quantus, meaning “how great”. In scientific fields, it is a way of referring to quantities of energy. QUANTUM 1 was born from our desire to cultivate great energy and interactions within our communities. Our retail stores bring together good vibes and […]

Eggs Canna – Hastings

Welcome to Eggs Canna located on Hastings in Vancouver, BC Seed of Creation Greek myth suggests that the egg symbolizes the essence of life. To the Egyptians, the egg was a metaphor for Creation. In Russian cultural history, the Fabergé egg is the embodiment of unparalleled beauty & of course, limitless possibilities. We commit to […]

Muse Cannabis Store Vancouver on Granville

Welcome to Muse Cannabis Store on South Granville Muse Cannabis Store inspires a journey of discovery and perspective through cannabis. We offer the highest quality cannabis brands in a premium concierge experience. WE ARE ALL ABOUT FAMILY & COMMUNITY As a family-run business, we plant roots in the communities we operate in. We are from […]

Hobo Cannabis Store – Main Street, Vancouver

Welcome to Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store Main Street Vancouver There’s a new normal in town and its name is Cannabis. Our aim is to make the cannabis buying experience disarming, compassionate and human. We’re calling bullshit on the stigma. Mother Earth put this good plant here with purpose—let us introduce you to a few of […]

Choom Cannabis – Vancouver (Yaletown)

Welcome to Choom Cannabis in Vancouver (Yaletown), BC If you’ve been wondering where to buy cannabis in Vancouver, look no further – BC’s premier destination for adult-use cannabis has officially arrived. Choom Cannabis Vancouver (Yaletown) open hours: Opening hours will be updated soon

1st Cannabis

Welcome to 1st Cannabis in North Vancouver, BC Nestled between ocean, trees, and mountains, 1st Cannabis is a legal recreational cannabis retail store that calls North Vancouver home. Located on 1st Street in the Shipyards District, we’re passionate about the Lower Lonsdale area – we live, work, and play in the best small city in […]

Arcannabis Store – 12th Avenue, Vancouver

Welcome to Arcannabis Store – 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC Cannabis is our passion. The roots of our experience run deep in this industry which our team members have been contributing to most of their lives. ARCannabis’ mission is to bring our knowledge to the public, in doing so improving every aspect of our business to […]

Canapa Sky Cannabis Purveyors

Welcome to Canapa Sky Cannabis Purveyors in Vancouver, BC We are proud to serve customers from all over the lower mainland. First, we became a local favorite and thanks to the support of the local customers we have been in the cannabis business for 20+ years. With our new brand Canapa Sky, our goal is […]

Are Vancouver Dispensaries Open Late?

Some of Vancouver’s dispensaries / cannabis stores are open late and some are not. To find which ones are open late, use the filter on the search results page “Open Now” to see which dispensaries are open late that are near you. Also, at the top right on each Vancouver dispensary listing, you will find their current open hours.