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WOneLove 1 Reviews
Besides Sketchy Edibles, Everything Looks Good :)

Order was packed professionally, with dry plant/flower product(s) put in dark bags/containers. Competitive/fair prices, fast delivery. Sending money was a breeze (make sure to follow instructions carefully). I took a sneak peak at some of the dry plant/flower, it smells pretty fresh, and looks fairly frosty. I currently don’t own a scale, but the weight of the product looks/seems to be the listed amount (at minimum). I got a free 3.5 grams of a mystery bud, which actually looks and smells pretty good (I’ll smoke the free 3.5g of weed in a bit). One problem. There is something odd with the “Pegasus Cannabis Infused Candy” edibles. On the website, it’s listed that there is “42 mg of THC *PER* gummy.” On the actual product, it says that there is *10 mg THC PER gummy*. What makes this even more weird? There literally is/was a small custom made printed label, which had “42” written and stuck on top of the writing that says “10 mg THC per gummy” on the edible bag. Looks like a textbook example of false advertising, and that the true THC level(s) was covered. Maybe it was really 42 mg THC (even though it clearly says 10mg embedded on the actual container/bag). I’m thinking this because it tasted very much like a “potent medicine”. Beside the medicine like after taste, the edibles taste fine. My main goal was high(est) THC edibles, not taste. I ate 2 gummies one hour ago, while I was sobering up from a smoke high. I’m almost sure I feel mellow/relaxed right now cause of the edibles, feels a little unique. I hope it’s not placebo. This is my second time in my life trying edibles. The first time (2-3 days ago) I ate a few servings of edibles, (70 mg of THC In total, ONLY 10 mg THC per serving!). I’m a 25 year old, 180 pound man. I felt nothing. This one seems to be slowly creeping up on me after eating 2 gummies only. I hope it’s actually 42 mg THC per gummy, if not it is very expensive and/or a waste of money. Thankfully I only got 2 bags of them, which where a “40% percent” discount.

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