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RogerCloutier 2 Reviews
wow Budem

Bud Emporium left a great impression! 100% i will return for more. Excellent and discreet packaging. No smells.... Until you cut open the bag then bam! Quality Product, Good Online support, GREAT PRICES! AND DAMN THAT SHAKE! Just as good as top self buds. $40 welcome package well worth it. King Kong blunt is awesome.I honestly could say so far best service ever and you get more then you pay!!

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RogerCloutier 2 Reviews
Niiiiice Pineapple Diesel

This bud is a solid choice for anyone. Great lemon/earthy tasting buds. Smells. Pretty good slight fruity smells. The buds were massive and as hard as a rock. Ive ordered this product 3 seperate times and each time was just a good. Buds solid 9/10 taste 8/10 smell 8/10 and finally the high. It was a pretty hard hitting uplifting and long lasting giving it a 9/10 so all in all solid bud 8.5/10!!!! wow its a great bid for your buck. Save on Greens has even more great stuff and you cant go wrong

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