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Author: Pastor Terry

Pastor Terry

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Pastor Terry 1 Reviews

I tried to CANCEL my order soon as I paid for it and they REFUSED to give my money back... I was trying to cancel soon as I realized that it would take 5 days plus to fill a fairly straightforward small order, just enough to get the apparent free fraudulent shipping. I needed the order yesterday as I have a root rotting problem and desperately needed the fix immediately, well it's been a week and NOTHING! My plants will all be dead before these clowns send my order!!!! Fighting to get my money back, if you order from here u made as well just send me your money! Funny thing is that I would find buy and actually send it to you... I'm done with these CROOKS, I believe that they are a Chinese company that orders your products from China and get it drop shipped to your or there address then if they choose to they might send you your order... DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THE FRAUDSTERS. EVER...

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