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Author: Lee Symak

Lee Symak

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Lee Symak 1 Reviews
Total scammers!!! CONSUMERS BEWARE!!!

FEBRUARY 26/2020 I wish I would of found this review site before I made the dumbass mistake of trusting their reviews on their website.🤪 I made my order 20 days ago, and I haven't even received half of my product yet, and all that I haven't received hasn't even been shipped yet!! I'm still holding out hope that they'll get it figured out sooner than later, but I'm definitely not holding my breath!!🤞🤞 I spent around $1850 on my order, but apparently timely shipping, and customer service aren't included in the price!?!?🤮 I'll keep everybody posted on how this plays out!?!?🤷‍♂️ UPDATE So it is now March 2nd and I am still short approximately $1350 worth of product in an $1850 order, the customer service makes Chinese retailers look like saints!! The communication from them has been super limited and when they do choose to contact you they will act completely innocent and dumbfounded by what's going on!? These people need to be shutdown for their fraudulent "business" deals!! UPDATE It's now March 8th(31 days after placing the order) after a single phonecall with IGC customer service which resulted in zero progress with coming to any sort of resolution on the matter I emailed them that I would like to cancel the order and get a refund! The response to the email was that they would refund my visa after I showed proof of shipping back the items I did in fact receive, however after being lied to for 3 weeks now I'm a little hesitant to extend any more trust to these people!! After this sequence of events I feel as though if I follow their instructions I will be left with no product and no refund! I am instead going to reach out to Visa and the Canadian Anti-fraud center to see how I should proceed!? Wish me luck! I will follow this up with another update when I get the situation resolved!?!?

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