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Koby 1 Reviews
TERRIBLE communication, and very unperfessional.

I as well as many others I know, have had a hell of a time getting hold of anyone in that office. They don't answer their phones (also screen calls), answer e-mails, and then blame the clients when the mistake/lack of effort on their end happens. When asked for evidence of them sending the needed info (which they did not), the owner yells "you are calling me a liar"...And "You are saying I'm un professional", when in fact they were. Not to mention a giggle, when I asked if they even sent anything in, after 4-5 months of waiting. They lead me to believe I was waiting on Health Canada. I demanded a refund, and have since found a company that has done more in three days, than they did in a year. I have the company's name if anyone would like it, and the evidence to back my words up. I have never been treated so rude, and ignored worse in my life, than from anyone else I have ever had to deal with, in any different needed services. I feel they had a monopoly for too long, and felt they can treat their clients, like absolute garbage...The times are a changing, there are plenty of company's out there, that would be far better off going through. TRUST ME...Save yourself the time, and headaches, and go talk to another company.

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