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Ian-21- 1 Reviews
Worst Experience

DO NOT BUY FROM INDOOR GROWING CANADA. DO NOT BUY FROM INDOOR GROWING CANADA. DO NOT TRUST REVIEWS ON IGC'S WEBSITE READ TRUST PILOT REVIEWS BEFORE ORDER -Delivery times over a month -Products listed in stock are not -Do not reply to customer messages -Customer service is terrible -Lots of excuses -Customer service does not know how to grow My Experience -First time customer -Based my order on Fast Shipping Reviews (IGC Site) -Order Date March 9 2021 -First Message March 19 2021(No Response) -Second Message March 24 2021 (No Response) -Third Message March 26 2021 (No Response) -Called March 26 2021 -Was told if I needed the product I should have ordered earlier -Was Offered Partial Compensation For My Loss -Given a direct phone number -Partial Order Received March 31 2021 -Called March 31 2021 Follow Up On Order (Nothing) -Called April 1 2021 (Nothing) -Message Sent April 2 2021 (Nothing) -Message Sent April 7 2021 (Nothing) -Message Sent April 9 2021 -Elizabeth offered me $25 off next order -I Called -Doesn't know when order will be fulfilled -Called me a liar -Informed me all I need is water for hydroponics -Told me I don't know how to grow -Hung up on me -Still No Order GOOD LUCK IF YOU ORDER Update I posted this review on IGC's website and it was never posted. My Trustpilot review has been challenged by IGC I verified with order number and e-mail as requested Order received April 19 2021 Very disappointed in IGC GOOD LUCK IF YOU ORDER Update Reply from April 26 2021 Hi Ian, After our discussion, I do hope, at a later date than this was posted. I believe we came to some common ground and understanding. Your order left our warehouse well within our window and was lost in transit. We have very little control as to what happens to those packages once they leave our warehouse, we rely on the carriers to do their job well and efficiently in getting our clients their products. I understand the delays in communication need to be better and we are doing everything we can to hire good quality people to join our team. This has been a task, we are getting there slowly. I would like to clarify that I never have and would never call you a liar. When we first started our conversation, it was extremely heated and things were misunderstood. We had not discussed your growing substrate at all at that time, hydroponics to me are anything that is grown under lights whether it be growing in water or soil. Happy growing Ian, I hope this is behind us. Kindest Regards, Elizabeth MY RESPONSE APRIL 26 2021 Nothing was lost in transit. As soon as each part of the order left IGC'S possession they arrived quickly. Nice try blaming the shipping service. The response from IGC proves the lies and what most of the reviews on this page have said. I have had bad experiences with companies before but nothing like this. IGC'S response is insinuating the customer is being unreasonable in this situation. Well the customer lost an entire crop. IGC pushes fast shipping reviews on the website. Tricking passionate growers into ordering products they need to ship fast. Then avoid you, make false promises and top it off with insulting you. I also requested to speak to someone that Elizabeth answers to. I was told she is the top of the ladder. If this was my business I would want to know about and deal with this type of situation. If the owners don't care why would the staff. The problems start at the top. GOOD LUCK HYDROPONICS DEFINITION The process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added NUTRIENTS but without soil. YOUR WELCOME

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