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Author: TheChronicBeaver

Chronic Beaver

Joined In May 2018

About Me

Hello, nice to meet you! I’m The Chronic Beaver, who created this site and a media website about cannabis culture, with some fun and pun thrown in! I’m passionate about many things and cannabis is one of them, obviously. I firmly believe that I’m helping trail blaze the cannabis lifestyle as it moves from a subculture into the spotlight of mainstream Canada. I’m a foodie fanatic and co-owner of a popular restaurant on Vancouver Island, BC. There is nothing like comfort food with a touch of class! Opening and running restaurants was my passion for a long time. Nowadays, I just enjoy cooking up a storm for my friends and family. Creativity, design, marketing, and problem-solving has always come naturally to me. For the past 8 years, I was the Creative and Marketing Director for an enterprise software company, but I left it all in January 2018 to be here, right now with you, helping trailblaze our new cannabis frontier in Canada.