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BriGuy 1 Reviews
Best sh*t in the entire GTA

These guys really are the best. The quality and potency of their bud is unmatched anywhere in the GTA. Their staff are friendly and very knowledgeable, They are geared more towards the medical use side of the business but a number of their strains are great for recreational use as well. If you love high-end pink strains, then this is also the place for you. They always have at least one high-end pink strain in stock and usually two, sometimes more. And by high-end I'm talking 35% and higher THC levels. They also have a nice practice of separating the small buds from the nice big sexy nuggets of some their high-end strains (even non-pinks) and selling them at a nice discount. Same weed, just smaller buds. For example I recently purchased some Jagermeister and Gas Mask Pink. Both sell for $280/oz or $165 a half but buy purchasing the "smalls" I paid $170/oz and $100/half for the exact same weed. They even have some great deals for the more budget conscious toker with ounces of pretty damn decent quality bud for anywhere from $90-$140. I won't buy anywhere else. I've tried a few others and window shopped the rest. Nobody even comes close to Compassion Medicals quality and potency.

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